Choosing a Masonry Kitchen

There are two types of masonry hand-made kitchens, built in different ways, here you can see the differences between the two building methods.

Brick-based Masonry Kitchen

A bricklayer can built a masonry kitchen at low price, but with various disadvantages.
The kitchen has no empty spaces behind the electrical household appliances and after a few year the lack of areation will irreparably ruin the electrical household appliances that need areation, like the fridge, the dishwasher and the oven.
Moreover, hand-made walls, built will hollow bricks, are not accurate, there are no adjustable surfaces and the inside part of the cabinet is made with tiles, not wood.
This kitchen cannot be disassembled and if you have to move to a new house and moreover in case of pipe breakage or intervention under the floor the kitchen will have to be distroyed and rebuilt again.

Wood-based Masonry Kitchen

The type of kitchen we propose is, instead, made of factory furniture (or tailor made furnitures in solid wood made directly by us) and masonry framework.
The cost is obviously higher but there are many advantages to be considered.
A correct ventilation greatly extends household appliances' life, futhermore the kitchencan be easily disassembled and reassembled in a short time.
The customer can decide on a wide range of kitchen moldels and materials.
Pine is the cheapest option, cherry and walnut are the most expensive.
As far as kitchen model is concerned, customers usually choose the tradistional style.


Brick-based Masonry Kitchen
  • Slightly lower cost
  • Reduces the life of your home appliances
  • Probable small inaccuracies
  • It can not be dismantled without demolishing it in case of hydraulic failure or if you have to move
Wood-based Masonry Kitchen
  • Furniture interior is made of wood
  • It does not reduce the life of your home appliances
  • Precise to the millimeter
  • It can be dismantled and reassembled without any problem in case of hydraulic failure or if you have to move